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HyLids hygrometer lids fit on Mason canning jars. With a  HyLids hygrometer lid you are now able to monitor and adjust the relative humidity inside a jar and make adjustments as needed. As your herbs acclimate to the air inside the jar, the HyLids hygrometer lid will read the moisture content of the air inside. 


2 piece HyLids hygrometer lid w/outside ring.

Calibration instructions


Herbidor stash jars are the ideal container for storing your herb stash by giving you the information you need by providing a HyLids analog (no batteries or buttons to mess with) hygrometer and the tools you need to adjust your herbs to your preferred moisture level and add additional curing time if you determine its needed.

Each tempered glass jar is dipped multiple times in a liquid rubber material that is allowed to dry between each dip. This provides an additional level of protection as well as blocking any ultra violet rays that can damage your herbs over time. Other advantages are that the rubber material grips surfaces to prevent sliding and it prevents radiating heat and cooling that affects the humidity.



2 piece HyLids hygrometer lid w/outside ring.

Mason jar

Herbidor protective Koozie

Calibrating  your HyLids hygrometer

Glass  Jar

Bottle cap from 2 liter soda bottle (works best)

Table salt

Now that you have all of your materials handy, follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to effectively checking the accuracy of your hygrometer.


Fill bottle cap 3/4 of the way up with the salt.


Add tap water to the bottle cap to saturate the salt. If you see water floating on top of the salt, you’ve added too much water. Easy fix for this is to grab a paper towel, and soak up all of the excess water. You want more of a slurry consistency of water and salt. Again, if you see water actually floating on top of the salt, soak up the excess with a paper towel.


Place the bottle cap (with salt/water mixture) inside of the Herbidor and secure the lid. Wait 4 hours and come back for a reading check.


If your hygrometer is perfectly accurate, it will read 75%. Most hygrometers will be +/- 3 %. Analog hygrometers have a screw on the back in the center hole which allows you to adjust the needle to 75%.