HyLids Dew Drops (mini humidifier)

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These little black cubes are the future of herb storage. By adding a single drop or two of distilled water you can bring the relative humidity inside your storage container to any level you want. The difference between 60% and 70% is huge when it comes to cured herbs. If your herbs are below your ideal moisture content, then by following the instruction below you can now slowly rehydrate your herbs and bring them back to life.

Secure you Dew Drop to the inside wall of your container as close to the top as possible.

Add a single drop of Distilled Water or Bottled Water (no tap or mineral water) to the Dew Drop and wait at least 12 hours before adding another drop if needed and continue until you reach the level you desire.

I will say this one more time……Distilled Water or Bottled Water (no tap or mineral water). Regular water straight from the tap contains chemicals that will destroy your herbs.