HyLids - Digital (Special 6 pack) - Wide Mouth (3 3/8") Hygrometer Lid

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Expected release date is 01/10/2024


HyLids - Digital (Special 6 pack) - Wide Mouth Hygrometer lids. You are now able to monitor and adjust the relative humidity inside a jar and make adjustments as needed to improve dry herbs or save herbs from too much moisture that could lead to bacterial growth.


2 piece Digital HyLids hygrometer Wide Mouth lid w/outside ring

Dew Drop (mini humidifier)

Spare Battery

    10 Reviews

  • Posted by frank Quintiliano on Mar 15th 2023



    I think these are very well made I know a lot of people say there not accurate I say for the money they are great you want a general info with in a few % I have one good hydrometer that that I gauge each lid and mark mason in blue tape with the + or minus so I have a close estimation of readings I highly recommend them

  • Posted by B on Dec 8th 2022



    Same day processing and fast shipping had them to my door in a few days. Ridiculously well-packed, it seems almost impossible for them to get damaged in shipment. Every single lid comes with a spare battery, and the hygrometer agrees with the one I own already. Just stellar service and a nice product - well worth the investment!

  • Posted by Robert on Oct 29th 2022



    Great product fast FAST shipping

  • Posted by James G Violante on Oct 25th 2022


    I love these lids. This is a great way to monitor your product as far as temp and humidity, just a quick sure fire method.

    I have 18 of these lids and plan on purchasing more. Prior to obtaining lids it was a gamble as to humidity and when to burp product. I wasted four jars to mold and guessing. Right now using these lids I have a great way to keep an eye on my product. Thank you for them and I am looking at other options for humidifiers. I love the metal joint carrying containers, have six now and ready to order more. As a disabled veteran on limited income I have to budget for anything I need. This is money well spent!!

  • Posted by J.Dresner on Oct 7th 2022



    Great product !

  • Posted by James on Sep 14th 2022



    Seems to be accurate temperature and humidity. I have 7 of these and woeking good.

  • Posted by mike davie on Jun 1st 2022


    Great product

    I was going to try and make something like this myself.I am glad I didnt,these are made very well and worth the cost. Cheers HyLids

  • Posted by Dylan on Apr 26th 2022



    Awesome lids Accurate Great customer service. I recommend them in a few grow groups, hope you got some orders from it. People seemed really excited. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Posted by John on Jul 15th 2021


    Awesome lids

    The digital lids work great and they even sent me an extra battery for every lid!