HyLids - Digital (Special 6 pack) - Regular Mouth (2 3/4") Hygrometer Lid - FREE SHIPPING (USA)

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HyLids - Digital (Special 6 pack) - Regular Mouth Hygrometer lids. You are now able to monitor and adjust the relative humidity(RH) inside a jar and make adjustments as needed.


2 piece Analog HyLids hygrometer wide mouth lid w/outside ring

Spare Battery


4 Reviews

  • Posted by Gillian J on Dec 8th 2022


    Excellent Hygrometer Lids

    Love these hygrometer lids! I have limited amount of space and like to use smaller jars, so not having to waste space inside the jars for a hygrometer is a huge benefit. They seal well, no leaking around the hygrometer. No smell seepage and once humidity level is reached, it maintains level.

    The one small issue is that a couple of the outer rings did not screw on properly, so I replaced them with the ones that came with my jars. It may be my jars - not sure.

    Really happy with them overall and planning on buying more.

  • Posted by PAUL on Jul 28th 2022


    HYLID Analog

    Okay, I have been using the Analog Hylids for about a year and they are the best, I have 12 analog and just bought 6 digital so I haven't had any time with those yet. However I am so pleased with the Analog lids that I'm sure the digi will be just as good. 5 stars - Thank You

  • Posted by Rick Reifsnyder on Apr 9th 2021


    Well Made

    Great for curing. Comes with extra batteries!

  • Posted by Shawn M Hansen on Oct 26th 2020


    Will order many more! A++ Quality

    Love this product. Sample rate of the digital lid is about every 6 sec which is perfect!