Harvest Curing Bucket Lid with Hygrometer and Burp Vent - 5 Gallon - FREE SHIPPING (USA)

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HyLids Harvest Lids are a great way to have confidence that your bulk foods are not being damaged from excess moisture or over drying. Each lid has a digital HyLids hygrometer that reads both the humidity and temperature inside your 5 gallon bucket. The screw top lid allows for easy complete air exchanges and there's a venting hole that allows you to release small amounts of air for precision moisture control. Keep your grains dry and your herbs fresh by monitoring the hygrometer and adding or reducing the moisture as needed. Each lid uses Gamma Screw-Top lids that have been designed to seal your 5 gallon bucket. With the HyLids hygrometer with a built-in vent and you have the perfect bulk food/herb storage container.