HyLids - Digital - Wide Mouth (3 3/8") Hygrometer Lid

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HyLids - Digital - Regular Mouth Hygrometer lids. You are now able to monitor and adjust the relative humidity inside a jar and make adjustments as needed to improve dry herbs or save herbs from too much moisture that could lead to bacterial growth.


2 piece Digital HyLids hygrometer Regular Mouth lid w/outside ring

Dew Drop (mini humidifier)

Spare Battery

    6 Reviews

  • Posted by Shelton on Jun 11th 2022



    I like it when their an extra spare of battery.

  • Posted by Justin Trower on Jul 21st 2021


    Perfect, y didn't I come up with this hahaha

  • Posted by Mary Jennings on Oct 3rd 2020


    Jar lids

    These are great on mason jars! Thank you!

  • Posted by Sipptastic on Aug 11th 2020


    Best lids for for jars to give you that perfect cure...also thanks for the spare batteries


  • Posted by Davri R Zainoeddin on May 23rd 2020


    Perfect Product

    Best purchase you can make to lid your jars. Thanks for the spare batteries!

  • Posted by DW on Apr 22nd 2020


    Makes regulating humidity and curing easy

    Simple and quick monitoring of curing and storage for your hardwork.